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You know how a woman feels after her visit to a salon. She feels renewed, refreshed and beautiful. She feels good about herself.


But not everyone does.


There is a group of women who don’t get to experience that feeling. They are the 40 million women in America who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Their “bad hair day” is every day. Hair loss or thinning hair creates a void in their lives that is hard to fill.


At Jadak Hair Restoration we fill that void between going to a hairdresser and going to a doctor.

40 million women in America suffer from

hair loss or thinning hair



The Evolve Volumizer is a nonsurgical, integrated hair replacement system. Evolve Volumizer is a unique wearable solution with a poly-mesh base that is light weight, comfortable to wear and self-molds to the head. It allows the scalp to breathe, doesn’t trap or hold water, is completely flexible and causes no damage to existing hair. There are two types of Evolve Volumizers, the Basic Volumizer and the Invisible Part Volumizer (left, center and right parts), along with a wide variety of colors and textures allowing us to customize the perfect solution for you. The Evolve Volumizer, made with 100% hand-tied human hair, is integrated into your own hair without the use of chemicals, adhesives, glues or heat, so it won’t damage your existing hair.


Carol W. wearing the Evolve "Basic" Volumizer

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Feeling good and looking great is my everyday motto. I am the connection between a physician and a hairdresser. When modern medicine doesn't work and your hairdresser reaches the limitation of their work, this is when I can offer my help to restore your natural hair thickness.

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Introducing the next generation of hair extensions.

With its unique installation method, variety of widths and densities, no damage to natural hair, Evolve Extensions+ are the perfect solution for someone who wants to add length and also for women with hair loss in a particular area that needs to be blended in with the rest of their natural hair.

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Check out before & after's in our Lookbook>


The custom hairpiece is a semi-permanent system that is affixed to the scalp with medical adhesive and gives the appearance of a natural full head of hair. You can shampoo, style and blow dry it as you would with your own hair. You can swim, play sports, and enjoy activities you wish while wearing it.

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